Reconstruction activities
After March 11, we couldn’t have an ordinary school life. We didn’t use electricity and water. Some students lost their members of family and houses. Fortunately, no one lost their lives who belonged to our school.
Within a week, some students started to do volunteer activities. They went to the City Hall and resisted with the volunteer activity. Each club looked for something to do for refugees, went out to the various places. The brass band of our school had a concert at a shelter to entertain the people there and a charity concert at our school to collect donations. The members of sports clubs visited some kinder gardens and nursery schools to clean the buildings and play grounds.

A year had passed and we thought about what we should do. We thought that it was important to teach about the damage of the Tsunami to future generations. We started to check for evidence of the tsunami and marked the telephone poles to show how high the tsunami had reached. We marked about 100 telephone poles and made a map. It took about 6 months to finish stick the maker on the telephone poles. There are many telephone poles that aren’t stuck with the maker. We will continue to do this activity. We are proud to be able to help with the reconstruction as students of Tagajo High School.