About Tagajo High School

Tagajo High school is located in Tagajo City in Miyagi Prefecture. This school was built in 1976. Since then, many students have graduated from this school to become brilliant material in our society. More than ten thousand students graduated from this school. Some students became teachers, whiles some students became people who contributed positively to our local society. One of our students even became an animator.

There are about 840 students attending this school now. Students try to study hard every day, and they also enjoy their club activities. They make efforts to increase their knowledge and improve their abilities by engaging through the school life. They experience much pleasure and hardship through studying together, doing club activities, communicating with their teachers, and participating in school events.

We have many clubs such as: baseball, soccer, tennis, chorus, brass band and so on. Many students receive brilliant results for their hard work and dedication. For instance, our brass band club is famous for winning a special prize at musical competitions. And they have an annual concert in June. The concert is so exciting to the extent that people look forward to seeing it each year.